Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Euro Eco Warriors

We applaud the foresight of three high profile European girls, (including Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess Caroline of Monaco's daughter), who are forging ahead with the Ever Manifesto, an online environmental zine and educational programme for eco-fashion.

The manifesto of the project itself is inspirational and well worth a read. Essentially documenting how we all need to work together to create an idealogical world where ethics and asthetics can work hand in hand and how every one of us has a responsibility to change the face of fashion with a sustainable solution for the next generation.

www.evermanifesto.com also has interviews on how the inner circle of the fashion world view sustainable fashion, pre-conceived ideas we are up against, and how high profile fashion advocates could literally change the way we think (what are they waiting for?!)

We love the girls Everlution quote "Fashion is change and reinvention. Sustainability is just the next step. Break the rhythm of fashion.March to a new drum"