Monday, 28 June 2010

Support the Makunduchi Project

 EcoFashionRocks have sponsored 50 people for the first ever cycle trek around Zanzibar to support 'The Makunduchi Project' and pleased to report all 50 (including 3 toddlers on a bike trailer!) finished the 300km in one piece.

An amazing and eventful trip including lost luggage, lost flight bookings, left people, lost passport, 'lost' brakes or other fairly essential parts (saddle, pedals and chain all went in one go at one point), a broken wrist, too much immodium and a close shave with a truck...a true african experience.

Most vivid memories being the hundreds of beautiful children running up to us and waving us on shouting 'Jambo Jambo!' (Hello) on our way around the whole island, constantly beaming and laughing, despite their poverty and conditions. It was very poignant to remember that 1 in 6 children die before their 7th birthday, with the majority dying before they are 2 due to the poor health conditions.

The highlight of the trip was arriving at Makunduchi Hospital and seeing first hand the work that is being done to address this. We experienced the work of Makunduchi hospital first hand with a 22 year old mother with severe pneumonia and newborn baby, both with HIV were being treated before our very eyes, and hopefully another two lives will be saved.

Mobile communications, and Skype on mobile play a key part for the effectiveness of the hospital. A babies life was saved just before our arrival due to quick communication with the uk. The 5 week old baby (whose mother had died a week after giving birth) had been looked after by villagers fed on only water. The call back to the uk team and quick medical advice back and the baby was saved.

The money raised will pay for a much needed new maternity ward and facilities and directly help to decrease the mother and baby mortality rate in Makunduchi further.

The Makunduchi Project - - is a small, but significant project transforming a hospital, and healthcare in Zanzibar, particularly saving the lives of many mothers and children.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Ethical Fashion Sample Sale

There's nothing to get the fashion juices pumping like the prospect of a sample sale and for the first time we've found out about an ethical fair so you can shop till you drop even with a conscious! 

The Foundation Agency and Fashion Made Fair have teamed up and bring you an ethical sample sale from Thursday 20th - Sunday 23rd May. It promises to be a feast of ethical designers, with brands including Kuyichi, Monkee Genes, Howies, Komodo, Bibico, Julia Smith, Outsider, Lowie, Equa Boutique and Where shoes.

Bring cash though as there won't be any card machines and you wouldn't want to miss out on a bargain and the only catch is that you have to be in London.....could make for a great weekend!