Thursday, 18 July 2013

Wedding in Bristol

We've just returned from a Wedding in Bristol, where a few hours were squeezed in visiting the centre with its many shops and a stroll through the park to the relative calm of the River Avon.

We were booked in at the Marriott Hotel, which was very central, with several other Wedding guests. The hotel was mostly excellent except for the dreadful coffee served at breakfast and an endless wait for one of the three lifts. It was next to a multi-storey car park that guests could use at a much reduced rate.

The wedding took place at one of the numerous churches that Bristol seems to have. The wedding 'breakfast' at 5.30 in the afternoon was vegetarian or chicken curry followed by unusual flavours of hand-made ice-creams.

In the evening, the party moved to The Trinity Centre, a short walk from the hotel, along Old Market Street - not the most salubrious area - to reach The Trinity Centre, which was well away from housing therefore noise from the live bands was not a problem!

Sunday, the hottest day of the heatwave, we used the foot-bridge to reach the park opposite the hotel and, as we neared the other side, tip-toed through the debris left from the Gay Pride weekend - pity there wasn't some pride in keeping the park tidy. We meandered along parts of the river before turning back to wander through the shopping centre where there are numerous fashion stores from designer to affordable plus a couple of department stores.

There was also a 'Gromit' display throughout the city! Bristol has everything in a compact area and is well worth a few days' visit. With only half a day available for sightseeing, we were unable to take advantage of other attractions, such as the SS Great Britain. Just take a quick look at the other things to do in Bristol.

Back in Hertfordshire, if you are planning a wedding, here are some useful websites:

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tuscany in September is Perfect!

I should know, I've done it! I was pregnant at the time which hampered the hill-walking and wine-tasting. That said, there was still plenty to enjoy and the weather was sublime.

Lots to see in Florence, of course, and a guided walking tour is the best way to not miss significant works of art and architecture. Siena, smaller and equally lovely, is worth a visit and everyone needs to see the leaning tower of Pisa - so much more interesting to see the detail in 'real life' rather than just pictures!

Where to stay? Combine the city tours with a couple of days relaxing on the beach. Italy is never the cheapest holiday destination but there are often special 'off-peak' offers.

If you want to learn to speak Italian before you go or need a quick brush-up, contact on 07771534369
Happy Holiday!